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Hello there! My name is Donovan Dustin and I am a Singer, Actor and Entertainer, living in Los Angeles, CA. I am now 19 years old and this website is very very old! I dropped out of High School at the age of 13, to become one of 27 Early Entrants attending California State University at Los Angeles, class of 2017.


Thank You for stopping by my website. Here you will find a little bit more about me. Check out the videos page to see some of the commercials, TV Programs and Movies I have been in. The photos page has some photoes from the sets I have been on. My vocals page has a few videos of me singing. Most are live performances so whe you hire me, you can see what you will be getting. I also have my resume page, which is a work in progess. Lastly, If you need to contact me, visit my contact me page. Over on the left, you'll find some of my social media site link. I would be honored if you'd join me on them.

So... as for a brief bio... I'm Donovan Dustin, 14 years old, and I blow out the candles every year on September 3rd. I enjoy singing, acting, and entertaining audiences very much! This is my passion. I have been learning to play guitar and piano, by the book, but find it easier to play by ear. I also enjoy riding my bike, playing outside, reading and video games. My favorite animal is a dog, but I am unable to have one due to my allergies. ☺

I plan on being a singer and an actor, but if all else fails, my backup plan is to become an Entertainment Attorney.

I am now Majoring in Business Management and Minoring in music.


Please enjoy a sample of who I am, by viewing my latest performance and then checking out the rest of my website!


Thank you so very much for visiting and HAVE A GREAT DAY! :-)



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